Hovea Falls, John Forest National Park, Perth – Western Australia, Australia


Nestled up in Perth Hills are some stunning waterfalls, flowing down the face of orange and red rock. If you pass the John Forrest National Park Falls, walking along the limestone gravel track, you’ll find Hovea Falls.

While this is a great way to see the falls, and walk through the John Forrest tunnel, it’s actually not the quickest way. If you’re up for a sneaky, shorter visit to the beautiful landscape home to Hovea Falls, here’s where you’ll need to go. 

Instead of driving to the Swan View Tunnel, or to the John Forrest Tavern, continue past these and head to Victoria Road. This is a no-through road, where you can pull over onto some gravel on the side of the road. From here, you should be able to see another track down the hill, so carefully make your way towards it. 

Map of Hovea Falls in conjunction with Swan View tunnel and John Forrest Tavern
Road Map to Hovea Falls. Google Maps (2019)

Doing this makes the walk to Hovea Falls a mere 500 meters (1km return), and about 15 minutes (30 minute return). Which in the Aussie heat, is a much better option. 

Once you find the orange dirt track, follow it to your left. Red dust dissipated into the air with every step we took. A bird chirped and a butterfly flew across the path. But other than that, there was silence.

It’s a gorgeous trail, full of rich history, including a few old metal bridge structures from back in the day. 

Once you pass two of them, you’re not that much further from the waterfall. 

Signs are always a comforting sight, reassuring you that you’re travelling the right way. 

Luckily the signs at John Forrest are clear cut, and there is a bridge viewing platform for Hovea Falls. 

However, when we visited in 2017, the bridge was blocked off. The fast-flowing river must have caused the old metal to rust. 

But not to worry, you can view the falls from anywhere along the path, and even trudge carefully down the grassy banks to explore them. 

In the summer months, Hovea Falls are very dry. In October, when the weather was warming up, this allowed us to hop and skip and jump on some of the rocks. Using them as stepping stones, we explored the falls. 

Since they’re a very slow, undulating waterfall, Hovea Falls are not too dangerous. In fact, they can be a great spot for a picnic if you don’t mind soaking up the sun. 

On a blue sky day, surrounded by the lush green flora that spring brought, it’s a beautiful setting. 

In the harsh summer sun, you may want to cool off in the fresh river water. It trickles down the rock face and in places, blooms with green moss. 

We explored further down the falls, discovering little pools where the water had collected. 

Don’t be afraid to check out all the different, unique angles that Hovea Falls have to offer. 

They’re certainly one-of-a-kind, and while not the most impressive falls I’ve seen, they’re still a Perth gem. 

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Quick Facts

Last visitOctober 2017
Best TimeJune-August after rainfall
Start / FinishEnd of Victoria Rd, John Forrest National Park
Unsealed RoadsNo
Walking distance500meters one way
Time15minutes one way
Lat & Long31.8803° S, 116.0999° E
NearbyJohn Forrest National Park Falls
WatercourseJane Brook

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