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Oh, hey, didn’t see you there! Hi, I’m Annabel: writer, traveller, coffee enthusiast. I enjoy cheese flavoured Doritos, cheese and bacon gravy fries and potato gems. Aside from food, I love chasing waterfalls, as I’m sure you are aware. 

I’m Perth born and bred (if you’ve not heard of it, it’s because it’s literally the most isolated city in the world). There, I studied an undergraduate degree in Professional Writing and Publishing and Creative Writing at Curtin University, and hope to write a fiction novel one day. I then lived in Melbourne for two years while I completed my Masters of Marketing Communications at the University of Melbourne. Now I’m based in regional Western Australia, working in the tourism industry for one of my favourite destinations on earth. 

I started a blog about seven years ago now, and it’s finally turned into the Chasing Waterfalls dream I always hoped it would.

Have a look around, stay a while, get in touch with me if you like (I love constructive criticism – nawt!) No but seriously, I look forward to sharing my waterfall adventures with you. 

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Annabel Claire on Instagram

My Instagram, @_annabelclaire_ began as a way for me to share little snippets of my writing to the world. Be it poetry, prose, sayings, one-liners, a segment of a story, you can bet you’ll find something on there to relate to if you delve deep enough. I love to get creative, and I love to touch others with my writing. Feel free to take anything you want and refer to it for your own sense of purpose – just be sure to #annabelclairewriting !

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My Instagram has now evolved into a space where I can share my waterfall travel adventures with the world. I want to expand my passion for photography and chasing waterfalls, and I believe Instagram is the way to do it. Check it out! 

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Published Works

As a writer, of course I’ve tried my hand at getting things published. And I’ve been somewhat successful. From short stories, to opinion pieces, reviews and the odd stand-alone article and interview here and there, I’m slowly making my name in the writing world. Below you can find links to the various platforms on which I’ve had my work published – feel free to do some sleuthing and figure out which ones most appeal to you.

Guest Travel Blogs 

Bali Waterfalls Day TripThe Opposite Travellers 

Australia Waterfalls You Must See to Believe – Roux Roamer

Guest Social Media Expert Blogs

5 Ways to Ensure a Steady Instagram Followers Increase – The Opposite Travellers

Elite Daily

If you’ve found my little blog, I’m sure there’s no doubt you’ve heard of Elite Daily “The Voice of Generation Y”. It is a huge blogging website with thousands of contributors, based in America, though with writers and editors from around the globe. I am lucky enough to be a contributor for this great hub, which means while I don’t get paid, millions of viewers get to see my stuff. Cool, right?

You can find all of my pieces on my profile.
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Avenoir Magazine 
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Avenoir Mag was started by some keen Curtin writing students – though it has no affiliation with the university – most of it’s writers and contributors have stemmed from the writing circles formed at the uni. Avenoir challenges the cultural norms of society, while embracing the creative art form. I am lucky enough to have contributed in numerous ways – music reviews, food reviews and pieces on upcoming events.

Check out my author archive to see them all.
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Grok Magazine
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Curtin University’s student Guild has a newspaper/magazine called Grok that is produced four times a year throughout the uni’s two semesters.  It’s been so popular in previous years that we actually produce five issues now!  Anyone can be a part of Grok – you simply have to apply.  I was lucky enough to be chosen as a writer for this great piece of intellect, entertainment and design. You can pick up a copy of the magazine from Curtin University, however all the past mags are published online if you want to have a read – there are some really talented writers and great articles in them so you simply have to check them out.

The articles, reviews and short stories I’ve had published in Grok are below:

Issue #1 2014
Article: The Villian Protagonist Trop
Review: Southbound (Music Festival)

Issue #2 2014
Article: Serpentine Falls
Review: The Night Party: Get To You (Album)

Issue #3 2014
Article: The Power Of Blind
Review: The Arctic Monkeys (Concert)
Review: Groovin’ The Moo 2014 (Music Festival)

Issue #4 2014
Short Story: Intensive Cycle

Issue #5 2014
Article: Impatience: It’s Taking Over
Short Story: The Garden

Issue #1 2015
Short Story: The Mountain

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Sitelines is Curtin University’s online journal, which during my final year of university in 2015 I helped to revamp, edit submissions and compile new segments for. I also had the privilege of interviewing award-winning author Brooke Davis, which can be found here.

Needle In The Hay
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This website is a hub for online writing competitions, to which I submitted a few of my short stories. I was lucky enough to be short-listed for a few of their competitions, even luckier to be the chosen winner of another, and even luckier still to have an award named after me. My pieces are below

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The Day I Fell Apart – Shortlisted for The Gives Good Email Prose Award

Earth, Wind, Rock & Water – Shortlisted for The Great Barrier Award

Intensive Cycle
– Shortlisted and Winner for The Forever Ending Story Award 

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 5.54.50 PM.png
Annabel’s Lost and Found Award 

Pilerats Blog
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This website is another hip blogging/review/article hub put together by a team of creative individuals in their own right. It showcases designers, journalists, editors, photographers, event promotors, digital marketing pros, branding experts and more. It’s a little more rough-around-the-edges compared to my other published works. But hey, it’s great to have variety. I have had two pieces published here in their “Light&Easy” section, links below.

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 5.40.11 PM.png
Being A Door Bitch Is The Best Worst Job Ever 

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 5.49.31 PM.png
A Few Basic Tips On How Not To Tinder

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