Person in floatie in Rocky Pool, Gooseberry Hill

Rocky Pool, Gooseberry Hill National Park, Kalamunda, Perth – Western Australia, Australia


‘Hidden’ in Perth’s Hills lies a cute little oasis known as Rocky Pool. I’d always wanted to have an adventure here, but it’s not the easiest spot to locate. So after a few wrong turns, I’ve done the hard work for you. Here’s how to find Rocky Pool. 

Rocky Pool is located in Kalamunda in the Perth Hills along a watercourse known as Piesse Brook, which is best flowing in June and August. Begin your journey by setting your GPS to ‘Rocky Pool and NP PARKING AREA’ located on Schipp Road. 

An image screenshot of Google maps to demonstrate location of Rocky Pool NP Parking Area on Shipp Road
Rocky Pool and NP PARKING AREA located on Schipp Road. Google Maps (2020).
Rocky Pool Parking Area

From here, a Kalamunda National Park sign indicates the beginning of your hike. Strap on your hiking boots – it’s time to get walking!

When I visited Rocky Pool, my friend Morgan and I weren’t too sure if we were headed in the right direction due to a big metal gate at the start of the track – but you needn’t worry, this is just to stop vehicles from driving along the gravel road. 

Soon after our feet had trudged a little ways along the dusty gravel, we spotted some information signs about our location and the flora and fauna here, which was a good sign (pun-intended). 

We continued forward, surrounded by the stunning Australian bush, not really knowing the distance we had to travel or how to find Rocky Pool. But the surroundings were beautiful enough to soak in and enjoy along the way.  

To avoid having to spend ages blowing up our floaties once we arrived at Rocky Pool, we saved time by carrying them with us. But it wasn’t completely practical…

More information signs along the way let us know we were headed in the right direction, so we trudged on along the gravel track and crossed a small bridge and stream. 

Pay attention to your surroundings, because there are many indicators to help guide the way. 

Parts of the track were flat, while others headed steeply uphill and downhill. 

We passed rushing water with a smile – this is a good indication that Rocky Pool will be flowing. June to August is the best time for a steady stream, while September and October are good times for swimming in the warmer weather. Sadly, during November to May in summer, Rocky Pool is usually dried up. 

In the hot October sun, we headed uphill for a steep section of the track. 

But more water on either side of us reassured us that the hike would be worth the effort. 

While walking this 2km trail, the beautiful biodiverse flora and fauna surrounding us was in abundance. 

We didn’t see any animals, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t there… 

A section of the Bibbulmun track crosses here, so we knew we were in true hiking territory. 

We continued on the straight and narrow, until we found the sign we’d been looking for!

Before we knew it, Rocky Pool appeared as if from nowhere, in a clearing among the trees. The water in the pool was brimming, and we wanted to sit a while and admire the view. 

But then it was time to get a little closer. The stream was flowing clear and fresh over the rocky terrain – an indication of where this place may have got its name. 

And yet the pool itself remained as clear as glass. 

We couldn’t wait any longer, so we hopped into the freezing-cold waters. Though cold,  they were a refreshing relief from the hot sun of the day. 

Person in floatie in Rocky Pool, Gooseberry Hill

It was such a tranquil and beautiful spot where we could be immersed by nature. I highly recommend the hike! When you’ve finished soaking in the beauty of Rocky Pool, you might like to explore the nearby Lesmurdie Falls. 

Quick Facts

Last visitOctober 2017
Best TimeJune-August for flow, September-October for swimming. Dries up in summer (Nov-May)
Start / FinishRocky Pool and NP PARKING AREA on Schipp Road (return trail)
Unsealed RoadsYes, in winter months become stony and loose with wet potholes, spring time are recovered and smooth
Walking distance2kms (one way)
Time30-40mins (one way)
Lat & Longunknown 
NearbyLesmurdie Falls 
WatercoursePiesse Brook 

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