Girl sits with MacKenzie Falls in the Grampians National Park in background

3 Melbourne Waterfalls Perfect for Swimming When Summer Begins

Where to go for the best Melbourne Waterfalls

With summer approaching, it’s a perfect time to plan water-filled adventures to embrace (and escape) the heat. As any Melbournian will know, this city is notorious for four seasons in one day and a year dominated with cold wind and rain. So when summer finally rolls around, we can’t wait to hit the beach. But it’s not just beaches that serve up all the fun – there are a few waterfalls too! Why not hit one of these three Melbourne Waterfalls Perfect for Swimming When Summer Begins? Here they are:

Turpins Falls Water Swimming Hole

Turpins Falls has an amazing, large pool at their base which is great for swimming. However, the water here is freezing cold, even in summer, so be prepared. It’s also rather dangerous to jump from rocks here, as deaths have occurred in the past. Be smart about it and don’t take any risks and you’ll be sure to have a fun time.

Bring floaties for extra relaxing fun.
Unsealed road with small car park. 

2. MacKenzie Falls, Grampians National Park

Girl sits with MacKenzie Falls in the Grampians National Park in background

Although you’re not actually allowed to swim at MacKenzie Falls, a lot of people do. If you’re not game enough to break the rules, the falls are powerful enough that if you find a nice spot to sit, you’ll get the fresh cool spray delicately landing on your skin. It’s bound to cool you down on a warm day while you sit and admire the beauty that is these falls. 

Roughly 3 hours from Melbourne.
No cell phone reception at base.
Steep, strenuous descent with lots of stairs.
Bring lots of water and snacks.
There are plenty of other hikes and waterfalls in the Grampians, so make the most of your trip there. 

3. Beauchamp Falls, Great Otway National Park

Beauchamp Falls visited during Chasing Waterfalls trip in Lorne

Not exactly a ‘swimming pool’ but still one of the great Melbourne waterfalls, Beauchamp Falls in Great Otway National Park flow year-round. This makes it a perfect spot to visit for a refreshing splash or dip in this pristine river. 

Roughly 3 hours from Melbourne.
Steep, long trail with lots of deep stairs and a metal staircase at the end. 
Spend some time exploring the Great Ocean Road on your way there.
While you’re there, check out the many other nearby waterfalls such as Hopetoun Falls and Triplet Falls.

There you have it! Three Melbourne waterfalls perfect for swimming when summer begins – or just exploring at any other time really. 

If you want some waterfall itineraries, try my Itinerary for a Day in Lorne, Victoria pt 1, and A Day in Lorne, Victoria pt 2.

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