Serpentine Falls – Western Australia, Australia

A small water sanctuary, just South-East of Perth, Western Australia lies Serpentine Falls, where we can frolic and play in nature’s pool.

(Hot Dogs Or Legs? Hehe).

Serpentine Falls are located about 55km South-east of Perth, WA. The drive is quite easy really (approximately 1 hr and 10 minutes from the city), though you may miss the final turn off if you aren’t careful.

If you are coming from Perth City, head straight down Kwinana Freeway. You will then get to turn onto a typically (and hilariously) Aussie-named exit – are you ready for this? – Mundjidong Road, which will eventually reach South Western Highway. (If you’re coming up to the falls from the South, anywhere past the Baldivis kind of area then you will exit the Freeway onto Karnup Road, which also hits South Western Highway.

Either way, turn right onto South Western Highway and if you came from Mundjidong, follow that for another 25km’s or so and you’ll find Falls Road. If you’re coming from Karnup, Falls Road will be right opposite you. Like I said, it’s easy to miss, so be on the look out on your left for a tiny little could-you-even-call-it-that service station, and the Serpentine Park Home Village next door. You’ll find it eventually, trust.

Road Map. Serpentine Falls. Google Maps (2016).

The only not-so-great-thing about these falls is that you have to pay $12 entry if you are in a vehicle. But that goes to maintaining the park, wildlife and facilities. So it’s not so bad, really.

The carpark area is also surrounded by park benches and a picnic area, so it’s a great spot to take some food and friends and enjoy being with nature. Though word of warning – the kangaroos are not shy, and will definitely try and join you.

The Serpentine Park is a great spot for bush walking – and if you’re up for the trek, you can find your way to the top of the falls. But for those lesser inclined to go hiking – you can simply embark on the short, easy walk to the falls pool (off to the right of the overflow carpark area – which is to the left of the picnic area). If you want more info, you can visit The Department of Parks and Wildlife.

Now – to the falls!

The falls are small, but beautiful. A perfect place to relax on the rocks, or glide through the (freezing cold, might I add) water.

If you visit in the summer months, the falls will likely not be flowing very much, or at all. But it is a great time of the year for swimming in the pool. The winter months are an awesome time to see the falls flowing at their full capacity, but it will be far too cold to venture into the water.

Although, I wish I could say that it goes without saying, but it doesn’t: Be Careful. This tiny sanctuary has had 12 deaths due to people underestimating how shallow it really is. So basically, don’t go leaping off the rocks. Simply sit back, be smart, and enjoy the fact that we get to experience these 100 year-old falls in the first place.

Quick Facts

Last visit October 2017
Best TimeNov-Feb for swimming, June/July for water flow
Start / FinishSerpentine National Park Falls Rd Carpark open 8.30am-5pm, plan arrival before 10am. $13 entry for vehicles.
Unsealed Roads No
Walking distance 400meters
Time 5mins
Difficulty Easy
Facilities BBQs, Picnic Tables and Toilets
Lat & Long 32.3679° S, 116.0110° E
Nearby Serpentine Camping Centre, Millbrook Winery
Watercourse Serpentine River

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Yalgardup Falls, Yallingup – Western Australia, Australia

Delving into the South West of WA…

You come across gushing waterfalls like Yalgardup Falls, divine wineries and quirky cafes. Throw away the makeup, the hair products and expensive accessories. You won’t be needing them…

These gorgeous, low-formed falls can be found down a windy road in Margaret River. Not too far away are the Waterfall Cottages, perfect for a cute short stay and quite close to the falls – you simply have to follow Kevill Road East, which comes off Walcliffe Road in Margaret River.

Road Map, Margaret River. Google Maps (2016).

My friend Morgan is often my exploring buddy – and I ought to give her credit for the amount of research she does to help us discover places.

However, we stumbled upon these falls by driving around random roads (Kevill Road East) and trying to stay ‘off the beaten track’. But, Yalgardap falls are by no means hidden, even though they aren’t actually marked on the map.

Literally right next to the road, they are difficult to miss. A small stopping bay next to the falls allows you to pull over and experience their beauty.

The above shot is taken from near the road, but if you go at the right time of the year (after the winter months, during September, or even later October and November, heading into summer) you can walk along the top of the falls, facing either the wide flat river behind them, or the thinning river in front of them filled with shrubs and weeds.

Exploring is what got us these great shots.

I had to wade through freezing cold water, since it was mid-September, with one arm out of the water holding the camera above me. It was quite the entertainment for Morgan, who watched me anxiously, hoping I didn’t ruin her camera in the water. But I was successful, and placed it precariously on some rocks and pressed record.

I then monkey-d my way to the top of the falls, up the bank to the left of the above photograph, avoiding tree branches and spider-webs, and with the camera on video we achieved these photos. It was cold, sure, but it was bliss. And really, “It’s not that cold once you’re in,” is the saying, right?

Waterfalls are always an adventure – embrace that! Bare feet and slippery rocks meant we had to be extremely careful, but we managed to see all angles of these falls in the middle of the river. And believe me, it was worth it.

Quick Facts

Last visitSeptember 2015
Best Time June/July
Start / Finish Kevill Road
Unsealed Roads No
Walking distance Next to road
Time 2mins
Difficulty Super Easy
Facilities None
Lat & Long -33.942015, 115.039229 
Nearby Waterfall Cottages, Margaret River Town
Watercourse Margaret River

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