Chasing Waterfalls

Chasing Waterfalls

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The pool will be quiet and crystal clear, shining a turquoise blue. Then, you’ll hear the barrelling of the waves, and a splash as they collide with the humongous rocks on the other side. Soon the water comes gushing in a wall of white spray, trickling down the crevices in the rock and sprawling into the pool. It becomes frothy and rippled with fresh ocean, and that’s when I snapped this picture with my drone. Click here to learn how to find Injidup.


With summer approaching, it’s a perfect time to plan water-filled adventures to embrace (and escape) the heat. As any Melbournian will know, this city is notorious for four seasons in one day and a year dominated with cold wind and rain. So when summer finally rolls around, we can’t wait to hit the beach. But it’s not just beaches that serve up all the fun – there are a few waterfalls too! Click here to find out which ones are best to visit.

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A Bit About Chasing Waterfalls...

Oh, so you’re obsessed with chasing waterfalls too? Welcome to my blog, the perfect place for you to be. I absolutely love chasing waterfalls, and here you’ll find all the tips & tricks you need to know about finding the ones I’ve visited (and I’m constantly adding to the list). Do you need to drive on any unsealed roads? What gear do you need to take? What time of the year is best to go? I give you all the answers (though they’re still my opinion, so by no means is everything on here an absolution). But there’s a world of waterfalls out there. And I intend to find them all.

A sneaky rock pool or two may have found it’s way onto my blog also, and occasionally I write about other travel related bits and pieces. You’ll also notice I’m quite passionate about my photography, and soon I will be selling prints if you’re interested in that, otherwise Instagram is a great way to follow my adventures. Thanks so much for visiting the blog – stay a while and see if you can discover something new. Happy waterfall hunting!

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