The Writer

margaretriverbakeryWHO I AM

I am a writer in the flesh, and a mermaid at heart. I hope to publish a novel someday, but at present spend my time drinking coffee, travelling the world and binge-watching television series.

I scribble notes into an old ring-bound notepad (and a few Typo ones, because, you know, I had to get with the times) and type mindlessly on my laptop until my hands cramp up. I regularly munch on cheese Doritos (the best flavour, do not argue this point with me, you will lose), take way too many photographs and strum songs on an acoustic guitar.


I am Australian born and bred in Perth, Western Australia. My passion for writing had me graduate from Curtin University with an undergraduate degree in Professional Writing and Publishing and Creative Writing at the beginning of 2016. In January of 2017, I picked up my things and made the move to Melbourne, Victoria to study a Masters in Marketing and Communications at the University of Melbourne, scout out the grooviest bars & cafes and master the art of outlet shopping.


I’ve been reading & writing since before I can even remember. As a kid I would often be cheeky and read books after my official ‘bed-time’ using only the light of a glitter lamp (aka lava lamp, the best things ever to have as a child, except mine was glitter). Anyway. Some say that’s probably what stuffed up my eye-sight, but it was worth it (okay, not entirely…) but I do love my reading. I started writing stories at a very young age, spent my high school life doing the same and when it was time for something serious, I thought:

Why not make my passion my life?

Since school, I’ve had many writing experiences and opportunities. If you want to know more about what I’ve done and had published, simply check out my Published Works page.

Basically, I want to know everything there is to know about writing.

And I want to share mine with the world.