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THEN: Black, White and Read

Back in 2013 when I first began my degree in Writing, I thought it was probably time to start my own blog. Everybody seemed to be doing it – and being a writer, I figured I better jump on board the band-wagon.

Though I wanted to be different.

I didn’t want my blog to have a theme like “Travel” or “Food” like most of them did back then (and some still do). I wanted an outlet to showcase that I could write.

So I made Black, White and Read, a place where I could share my writing; the thoughts I had, issues I came across, reviews, travels, ideas & short stories for the open-minded.

There was no theme, you got what you got.  I hoped that some people could relate, some could enjoy and others could be critical where needed.

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 11.09.17 AM.png

It was great for the few years I worked on it, and it was relatively popular. In fact, to this day I still have people asking me about my blog, though I haven’t posted on it in well over a year.

The reason being, I felt I had outgrown it.

I felt the times were changing, and the little amateur ‘Blogger’ site I had created simply wasn’t cutting it anymore. But I didn’t want to lose that part of my blog, or the elements of it that were my strengths for so long.

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 11.11.38 AM.png

So I decided to collaborate it into a brand-new blog. I wanted a blog that pulled all of my writing outlets and skills into one place under my writing name ‘annabel claire’. I wanted a fresh, modern blog. One with a revamp and intermixed with the things I want to do now.

Which brings us to now.

NOW: annabel claire on Chasing Waterfalls, Travel, Reviews, Life 


For as long as I can remember, I have had an obsession with waterfalls. This one time I went on a road trip into the beautiful South-West Region of WA in search of some falls along the Cape to Cape track (article found here) that I didn’t know how to find. When I Googled ‘how to find Quinninup Falls’, I found very little information whatsoever, other than a small blog called “World of Waterfalls”, which is what I had imagined I would call such a blog, if I ever created one.

I was disappointed to learn that the blog was not aesthetically pleasing or well-structured, with a very plain and bland look and distorted text. But it was the only thing I could find that collaborated various waterfalls and how to find them all in one place (even if it didn’t do it very well).


It inspired me to follow my dream. I wanted to have a blog that looked amazing, inviting, and told people where exactly they had to go and what to do to find amazing waterfalls, if they wanted some direction.

I couldn’t use my cleverly thought up World of Waterfalls phrase anymore, so I came up with Chasing Waterfalls instead.

But, you see, I couldn’t do that and abandon my name as a writer, and all the other blog posts I have written and continue to write.

So, I took the leap and decided to collaborate it all.

And so, annabel claire was born.


It all started because Claire is my middle name, and I thought it had a nice ring to it for a writing Instagram page. Instagram was really taking off for all mediums, so I decided that I would create an account to showcase my writing. I often jot down one-liners, or a little poem, or paragraph of my feelings about life, relationships, whatever, really. And Instagram seemed the perfect platform to share them. (P.S. Chuck me a follow :P).


I wanted to put all of that together in the one place, so people could really get a feel for who I am and why I do what I do.

After lots of fluffing around and hours spent behind the computer screen trying to figure out Word Press, my blog has now been transformed. (Just a side note here, I wasted a lot of time. If you want to start your own blog in a quick, easy and stress free way for only a few dollars a month, try Bluehost! They have a wicked reputation).


My blog is a place for Chasing Waterfalls. It is a place for my Travel pieces, as I continue to explore the globe. It is still a place for quirky thoughts and pieces every now and then like it used to be. It is a place for Reviews where I see fit. It is a place for my photographs (yes, all photos are my own). It is a place for my failures and successes.

It is a place for my writing.


I write because it’s how I express myself.

I write because I love it.