Won Wondah falls visited on Chasing Waterfalls trip to Lorne, Victoria

Won Wondah Falls, Great Otway National Park, Lorne – Victoria, Australia

Won Wondah falls visited on Chasing Waterfalls trip to Lorne, Victoria

I’m going to preface this blog post with a revelation I had once I found Won Wondah Falls. You might think it’s fairly obvious – but hear me out. You ready? Here goes.

If you can’t find any great images of a waterfall, chances are it’s because there’s no access to their base, or the viewing platform is obstructed. In the case of Won Wondah Falls, both of these applied.

However, since Won Wondah Falls are a mere pitstop on the way to the more impressive Henderson Falls (which are accessible), there’s no reason not to visit them. 

While Phantom Falls, Won Wondah Falls and Henderson Falls can be completed in an 8.6km loop trail including the Canyon, there is an option to begin at Sheoak Falls Picnic Area which makes the walk much shorter – not to mention easier. This is where my friend Brad and I began the walk. 

From the carpark, walk straight ahead towards the picnic area, where you will find the below sign.

The next sign indicates the various walking trails to choose from. Yes, you can also get to Sheoak Falls from here too, though it’s a much longer walk than if you begin from Great Ocean Road. More on that here. 

We were keen on Won Wondah and Henderson Falls. You’ll notice Won Wondah aren’t signed here, but that’s okay. Continue along the path to the ‘Canyon/Henderson Falls‘. 

This is a flat, easy path that disappears into the trees.

There are plenty of signs about the trails around you, with information about the track and the beautiful wildlife. 

Soon we reached a small bridge, and continued into the thick greenery. 

Needless to say, this place really is a paradise for ferns.

Amongst the ferns, the path becomes dark and magical.

It’s also well signed, so continue towards Henderson Falls.

The nature walk is a loop, so here there’s the option to return to the picnic ground.

Across the road, there are two tracks. 

The first track heads toward the left, continuing to Lower Kalimna Falls and Upper Kalimna Falls, though this was blocked off when we went. (Don’t worry, there is another way, click here for information). 

To the right – Won Wondah Falls first appear on a sign, and Henderson aren’t far behind. As mentioned, you can also continue to the Canyon and Phantom Falls along this trail, however there’s an easier way to Phantom Falls which can be found here. 

Heading to the right, the trail is thin and flat, with tall trees surrounding.

It’s also riddled with native Australian wattle, which brightens the track with its yellow flower.

We reached another intersection, where more signs are conveniently located. Continue straight as advised.

Here, you’re not far from Won Wondah Falls.

Also a good time to mention that unfortunately, bikes and motorbikes are prohibited on these trails. So, slap on your hiking gear and continue forward.

Just a smidgen further, and you’ll reach Won Wondah Falls. The path to Henderson Falls continues straight, while a short path to the right leads to a viewing platform for Won Wondah Falls.

The falls plunge downwards into a valley which is covered by lush vegetation, making it impossible to view or access their base. While still beautiful, the limited viewing makes it difficult to fully appreciate their beauty. 

So we didn’t stay long, soon continuing back up towards the main path and heading to Henderson Falls. Head there with us!

Quick Facts

Last visitSeptember 2017
Best TimeJune-September
Start / FinishSheoak Picnic Area
Unsealed RoadsYes, average condition can be managed in 2WD.
Walking distance1km one way to viewing platform only NO ACCESS TO BASE (further 800meters to Henderson Falls – base access) 
Time30mins one way
DifficultyRelatively Easy
FacilitiesToilets, Picnic Tables and Shelter at Sheoak Picnic Area
Lat & Long38.5500° S, 143.9382° E
NearbyHenderson Falls, Lower Kalimna Falls, Upper Kalimna Falls, Phantom Falls 
WatercourseHenderson Creek 

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