Tasmania’s worst kept secret.

Secret Falls are ‘hidden’ along the Myrtle Gully Track on the way to Myrtle Gully Falls. Head to Myrtle Gully Falls blog post to find out how to access the track.

To get to Secret Falls, I walked up the stairs on the Myrtle Gully Track and peered down at a steep riverbank (which when I visited was bone dry). But I could still hear the flow of Secret Falls which was promising.

To the left of the Myrtle Gully Track just before and just after the staircase, there are a number of ways to meander to Secret Falls.

I opted for what looked like a make-shift path (probably just created by water) from the top of the staircase. It was steep but the earth was smooth and there were lots of tree branches and tree trunks to use as an aid for stability.

When you can see water, that’s a good sign. Here’s the view of the not-so-river behind me:

And Secret Falls peep through a small crevice that resembles a gorge (though it’s only about 3 meters in height).

As you can see, they weren’t flowing much due to lack of rainfall, but they were still beautiful.

The sunlight trickled through from some unseen ‘above’, casting light over the greenery and the falls. The reflection danced in the pool of rocks and leaves below.

I’d love to see the difference of Secret Falls after heavy rain, but the thin misty trickle that I experienced was unique in itself.

From Secret Falls it’s a short walk to Myrtle Gully Falls, which I outline how to find here.