Crystal clear waters. Wild, thick waves. A make-shift waterfall. A hidden rock pool treasure. The beauty that is, Wyadup Rocks, Injidup.

While not technically a waterfall, there is a place where the ocean meets the land, where wild rocks have moulded into a water-fall like formation. The water from the ocean crashes over the top of these rocks, and gushes down into the crystal clear pools near the beach. A beach water-fall, if you like.


It is a highly sort after spot for West Australian’s delving into the beautiful South-West region. A must-visit if you’re ever close by. And if you know where you are going, it’s not too hard to find (oh, you have to be pretty good at manoeuvring over rocks, though).

Driving down Caves Road, away from Yallingup you need to turn (right) onto Wyadup Road. (Now this is where it gets confusing, if you refer to the map below it shows Injidup Beach as being further down, along Cape Clairault Road. Ignore this). Follow Wyadup Road until the very end, which will curve around to the right and you’ll find a relatively small and not-very-well-structured carpark. (I’ve marked it on the map with a red circle). You may have to pull up on the edge of the gravel if it’s a busy day.

Road Map. Wyadup Road. Google Maps (2016).

Once at the carpark, there is no real or clear path down to what is known as “Injidup Spa”, but a few thin, windy dirt tracks that begin off to the left allow you to pick and choose your preferred route. After the initial descent, it is a lot of people’s first instinct to head to the left, towards where you can see visible, white sand. However, if you continue down to the right (which will turn into precarious rocks) you will find the sanctuary below.


I’d suggest bringing along some good-grip sand shoes as opposed to thongs or sandals. However, I find the easiest way is actually with bare feet, using my toes to curl and grip and dance along the rocks, aiding my balance on the rocky terrain. Up to you, though.

Below you can see the ‘falls’, where huge waves from the ocean on the other side collide with the rocks, sending a wash of white water and spray over to this pool. Water trickles (or violently washes, depending on the size of the wave) down the grooves in the rock. And voila, waterfall! Or close enough.


As you can see, Injidup Spa has become quite a popular spot, so there’s not a lot of privacy or opportunity for a people-less picture. At least not in the summer months, anyway (I mean, you can try your best – I managed to get this shot below after waiting very patiently. In fact, my blog’s main cover photo is taken in this little pool. So it can be done. But the point is, it’s quite difficult).


But wait – there’s more!

After doing my own exploring with friends, I found a quiet, peaceful rock pool tucked away in the endless mountains of rock. Now I won’t give away exactly where you need to go to find this one, because there needs to be some element of mystery, but if you (carefully) go exploring among the rock-mountains, I promise you will not be disappointed.



Magical, right? I have no other words.

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  2. Ur blog and ur photos of the rock pools are so satisfying. I can almost feel that I was there too? Will be heading there next week with my girls. Is the trek safe enough for kids 5-8 yrs of age?

    1. Oh thank you so much! I would say it’s safe for kids as long as you watch/help them – the path isn’t really a path it’s lots of rocks to step on to get to the rock pool. You can choose the easiest/best way for you though!

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